What constitutes a chargeable ticket - refer to the Initsys Licence.

These are our terms and conditions. Please read carefully. Your acceptance of this agreement constitutes an understanding of our working relationship.


Firstly it is essential to understand what our licence covers.


We only supply software, and unless specifically requested and a Term Of Engagement (TOE) completed, we are never responsible for the "system" or its operation. If we provide a TOE that document will show the extent of our responsibilities; the TOE, like all of its type, will supersede any specification or requirements document. You should check the TOE against your expectation as it forms the contract between us.


We will always charge for help-desk time in the following circumstances.


  1. Network related issues, including transient problems and where the client network is slow or unresponsive.


    1. There are tools available, and you should use your engineers to establish and maintain the connection between your devices and equipment. If you suspect a network or communication issue is the result of a fault with our software, you should raise a ticket and detail why and how you suspect that to be the case. We will always charge if the card is raised asking why “device A” cannot connect to our software if we can prove that “device A” had connected satisfactorily beforehand.


  2. Initsys is never responsible for the setup of any system you connect to our software.


    1. The acquisition of data to our software includes information of any kind.

      1. You may request advice on how to do this; however, we are precluded explicitly by our insurers for adding or changing data, set up of alarm panels (of any type) CCTV cameras and DVR/NVR or VMS, testing of the connection thereof or any work related to sensors operation and the construction of MRE rules.


      2. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that you have sufficient trained staff capable of undertaking this task.

        1. You may formally request assistance in the setup by raising a ticket. We may assist by providing information or online aid, but in all circumstances, that advice is chargeable (every such incident has to result in a report to insurance and an additional fee paid by Initsys). 

        2. Clause 1.1, 2.1 Apply in all circumstances unless a formal request is issued for assistance in site setup or data transfer and a TOE document and quotation provided.

    2. In all circumstances, your responsibility is to ensure the data we have provided, and the connection obtained, howsoever achieved, is correct and applicable.


  3. Any callout raised as high or urgent (P1/P2) will page our staff depending on the severity of the call. Unless such a request for aid is the result of a bug or issue with our software, this ticket will always be chargeable at full hourly rates for each hour or part thereof.


    1. You may elect to call Initsys to assist in a time of crisis. However, that call will be liable for additional costs at the ongoing emergency call out rate as shown in the price list.


  4. A ticket raised at low or medium (P3/P4) is unlikely to be chargeable. However, if we acknowledge the same ticket more than once, we reserve the right to make such a charge.


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