Chris Berry @ 08 January 2018


Dear Customer,

Strictly speaking, Initsys cannot make changes to your systems or add data or alter parameters. We can advise you how to do this but it is your responsibility to undertake the work and test and sign off as completed.

If you want us to do anything like this then we need a TOE (Terms of Engagement) letter or document. This will take some time to produce so allow a suitable grace period between requesting work and the provision of it.

Please remember "No TOE, no can do".



Helpdesk @ 16 March 2016

Downgraded Tickets

Raising every ticket as high or urgent actually harms your priority.

If you raise every ticket as priority high or urgent the ticketing system will automatically start to downgrade them, this is so every user has the possibility of raising a ticket that will get attention when it is required.

High or Urgent tickets will page our support staff and if found to be non-urgent and/or trivial nothing to do with Merlin (Network or Hardware problems) then you will be charged for the time.

An urgent ticket should be reserved for ONLY when the Merlin system has a problem that stops you processing events.

A high ticket should be used only when you have an issue that is critical to your day to day operations. This does not include questions about the software/features or how to. These should be raised as medium or low.

Misuse of the ticketing system could also cause the failure of your 24 hour support (should you have this) because the system will downgrade tickets if more than two previous tickets are marked by the helpdesk as non-critical/false call. This is published in the SLA.

Thank you.

Helpdesk @ 28 May 2015

Create your accounts


The new Initsys helpdesk is now live. Create your accounts now to make it easier to add and monitor your support tickets. Follow the steps below to create your helpdesk account.

1. Make your way over to the registration link.

2. Enter in your details. Make sure to enter in the email address which you want to received email notifications.

3. Accept the activation link sent to your email address.

4. Log-in to the site to begin adding and editing your support tickets.

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